Many people suffer anxiety in silence out of fear of the treatments that are prescribed. But there is a natural product available as an alternative to traditional medications.

Anxiety-related disorders affect more than 1 in 10 people in the UK & Ireland, with 6.6% of the population saying they experience anxiety at least once a week. Although anxiety can be treatable with antibiotics many of these are highly addictive or have unwelcome side effects -  weight gain, fatigue, sexual dysfunction, sleep problems to name a few. In fact, the fear of these side effects is so great that 30% of Brits are wary of discussing their mental health with their doctor for fear of being prescribed overly severe medication.

Natural Alternative

CBD offers a natural alternative that doesn't come burdened with the side effects of traditional medications. In recent times, CBD has become popular as a natural alternative way to treat anxiety. Indeed, early clinical tests have demonstrated that CBD can significantly reduce anxiety, cognitive impairment and social discomfort. As CBD becomes more accessible and more adopted, there has been a growing cascade of anecdotal evidence to support these conclusions. 

Positive effects

Users have reported, among others, the following positive effects when treating anxiety with CBD:

  • A greater absence of anxious, edgy feelings

  • Better focus and clarity

  • A clearer, calmer thought process; less irrationality 

  • Less irritability

  • Improved social interactions

No tolerance-forming / resistance

As well as having little to no side-effects, early findings indicate that CBD in not tolerance-forming - so no need to increase your dosage over time to get the same effect. In fact the reverse can be true - given that CBD increases the body's natural endocannabinoids,users might be able to decrease their dose over time and still reap the same benefits!

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